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6 years as a top provider in HRO Today's Bakers Dozen

The Results Are In...

If you haven’t already heard… HRO Today’s Baker’s Dozen Customer Satisfaction Ratings for Screening Providers have been released and EBI is ranked again as a top screening provider for the 6th Year.  And what makes this accomplishment even more exciting is that their findings are heavily weighted on customer satisfaction survey data and this year's competition was tougher than ever. That’s right! It’s our customers that rated us among the best of the best again for the 6th year.  The categories surveyed were as follows:

Breadth of Service
This includes the amount and range of products that we offer. Clearly, EBI has a comprehensive list of Background Screening services and our clients took notice of how that helps them. Add to this list all the Drug Screening and Occupational Healthcare solutions and you can see why EBI ranks so highly.

Size of Deals
EBI's clients range in size from small to large to fortune 100. We continue to make headway in the marketplace with innovative programs and custom solutions for each new client. It’s that agility that has allowed us to help so many different companies in so many different industries around the world.

Quality of Service
This just happens to be our favorite category in the HRO Baker’s Dozen. Yes, we offer great services and solutions. Yes, we offer them to clients of all sizes and types. And Yes, we offer them with attention to detail, accuracy, speed and near perfect delivery from a talented, dedicated customer service team.


Don’t just take our word for it…

“After 3 years with our previous background vendor, they never got the process or format down right for our integration downloads.  EBI did, from the very beginning - nice work on your part!” Evelyn, Talent Acquisition Coordinator – Major Insurance Firm
 “I have zero complaints about EBI.  I have been 100% satisfied with everything. You are in fact one of the easiest vendors that I work with!” Abigale, Human Resources Coordinator – National Non-Profit Association
 “Your Customer Care team has been doing a great job of turning around results in a very timely manner.  We do appreciate this as it allows us to continue moving with our candidates.” Susan, Personnel Assistant – Large Manufacturing Firm
“We have been a client of EBI for a little bit over 3 months and I do want you to know how much we appreciate the timely response that we always get from the Customer Care Team. It is great for me to be able to provide a response and a solution usually within a matter of hours when I get a request from one of our subsidiaries – you really help us here at the Corporate office look real good.  I appreciate the additional effort that you all go to in acknowledging communications to you sent after hours due to the four hour time difference. And last but not least, it is great whenever you call Customer Care, you always get a real person that not only answers the phone, but that is able to (in most cases) provide a solution right then and there.”
Mary, HR Manager  – Large Energy Firm
 “Your service has been outstanding” Anna, Human Resource Specialist – International Manufacturing Firm
 “I really love the service with EBI.  I quite often get results within 2-4 hours. It is amazing!” Judy, HR Director – Local Non-Profit Association
 “So far it has been a great experience using your company.” Tricia, HR Director -  Healthcare Facility
 “I requested a quick turnaround on a background check and I received the information in less than 24 hours.  We are a small company compared to some in our industry, yet I am treated with the same courteous and quick response as if I was a much larger client.  Candice, HR Manager – Legal Firm