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Workforce Management Hot List

We Consider Consistency To Be A Great Virtue!

The industry acknowledgements keep pouring in, and EBI is fortunate enough to be the recipient. This time, it’s the WorkForce Management Magazine’s Hotlist that has recognized EBI as a premier provider of screening services. What makes this honor even more significant...this makes seven years in a row. Here are a couple reasons why we’ve been selected for 2013.

Our "Just One" Philosophy
Our range of products and services is comprehensive and packed with technology solutions. From Background Screening and Drug Testing to Occupational Healthcare and Electronic Form I-9 Compliance, we’ve got the ability to handle any company's screening needs.

We Offer Global Solutions
No matter the size of your company or where you're located, EBI can reach. Our clients range in size from small to large to fortune 100 and we consider ourselves a trendsetter in the marketplace with innovative programs and custom solutions. It’s that agility that has allowed us to help companies at so many different levels and locations.

Quality of Service
This just happens to be our favorite category! We offer great services and solutions with impeccable attention to detail, accuracy, speed and near perfect delivery from a talented, dedicated customer service team.


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Some Hot Comments…

“You response time is what impresses me most.”  
Frederick, County Commission on Aging

"BTW... I love your professionalism, it is refreshing!"
Shana, Director of Human Resources

"You guys are great.  Thanks for getting this taken care of so quickly."
Keesha, Employee Relations Manager  
"Thank you so much!  Please let everyone know how much I appreciate everything they did to make this happen."
Keli, Senior Investigative Consultant
"You guys get it right every time! Thanks.”
Mary, Human Resource Generalist
"Thanks!! You are awesome!!!"
Robin, Area Medical Center
"I so love you all there at EBI!!!!  Thanks as always!!"
Amy, Human Resources Manager